On a search in sweden

Are northern people happier? I’ve been asking myself that question for some time and now i’ll have look to answer the question.

Kiel – Gothenburg

The trip to Gothenburg is very easy. An overnight stay on a ferry and I’am arriving at the northernmost point of my trip. Gothenburg welcomes me with cooling two degrees and light snowfall.  So the weather is no reason for being lucky here. But the ride through the city immediately reveals a clear propensity for two-wheelers. Adequate cycle paths connect the city center and, in conjunction with a first coffee, it looks like there are some reasons to get lucky.


My direction will lead me straight south to Copenhagen. Along the coast, the cycle path “Kattegattleden” leads cyclists through several towns, landscapes and nature reserves. The journey begins with the archipelago south of Gothenburg. Civilization is quickly abandoned and nature welcomes you. And with that comes peace of mind. A first indication of the expected happiness?

My campground will be in the middle of the dunes this evening. With a purple sunset seascape, the night awaits me at minus temperatures. Sometimes cliche and coldness are close together.

The next morning i am continuing through nature reserves and partially hosted bird watching hides. And I meet Smorrebrod, a simple but very tasty snack. And even a piece of luck.

Warm me up

Via Varberg, Falkenberg and Halmstad i am riding south to Helsingborg. In between, I occasionally put an overnight stay in one of the countless “Vandererhemmet”. These are a sort of hostel for hikers and great for warming up at lower temperatures. And here too, as in the cities, I experience a certain serenity and friendliness. A clear indication of any lack of rushing or stress.

After four days I get to Helsingborg and from there the ferry takes me back to Denmark. The last meters to Copenhagen i welcome rushing again. Although called as bike capital, its not so easy, to hold my departure time cause of many walking and photographing tourists on the bicycle paths. By the time I reach my bus and have to drive on the streets a very stressed bus driver yells at me to leave the streets. Does luck have its end here in civilisation?

Searched for luck, found it

No, luck has no end. Just do not watch for it, cause it’s always there. And so this trip answers the foolish questions: “How do I find happiness?” Or: “Are northern people happier?” Between the cold, the indignant bus drivers, the closed pizzerias and the missed appointments and opportunities, the perfect moments of happiness arise. In whole pieces.