The Antiatlas and his neighbours

The second part of the Morocco trip is marked by children. In each village, children jump at us with outstretched arms or ride on their Bikes a bit. Impressive is the doggedness with which the handshake is pounded. And the joy of having just made her day.

The anti-Atlas

Also, this area of ​​Morocco south of the Atlas reveals wide, dusty stone deserts. Not unlike the barren mountain landscapes of the High Atlas. Only a few valleys still distract as green points in the landscape. A cloudy sky bathes the expanse in a soft light. In addition, a strong headwind often brings us into temporal problems. And so we enjoy the sunsets, night driving and dark corners, which seem even blacker due to lack of light sources.

It goes via Tazzarine, Agdz and Taliouine again towards Marrakech. The area becomes hilly and gives way to beautiful rock formations on the flanks of the Antiatlas. Combined with ever-improving sunlight, these mountain ranges cast harsh contrasts and show themselves in all shades of color.

These great sights are just a taste of the real highlight of this trip. We have to cross the atlas once to get back to Marrakech. And there is a wonderful way of crossing.

Tizi n test

The last day of cycling takes us from Taliouine to Marrakech via the 2,100 m pass Tizi n Test. Here we get the benefit of motor support. On endless serpentines, our vehicle screws on the pass and so in no time the altitude have been made, which now has to be downed. The ascent is only interrupted by occasional photo stops, which we regularly demand. And again the power of the stone masses of the High Atlas shows.

The rest is downhill. Countless curves, no climbs and headwinds does not matter. Historical buildings, such as the 12th-century UNESCO World Heritage-listed Tinmal mosque and the Tahnamout argan oil factory complete the descent. We are accompanied always on the right hand of Morocco’s highest mountain, the Toubkal.

At the end of our tour we reach a new record in the average speed (artwork, with three hours downhill). One last transport and we are back at our starting point after a week full of impressions – Marrakech.