The last stop is Bali. So lovely, so green and so rough. The sweetness you meet here in many places. Incense, flower arrangements and colorful, friendly people. In close contrast to gray monsters on temple walls.

With a scooter, a toothbrush and a camera bag allows the island is ideal for trips to places of interest.

First, Tanah Lot, this temple is so far passed me. As pilgrimage for Temple Sunset Photos photographed a thousand times, the place seems to me strangely alien and aloof. So as if there were a protective wall in front of the mass tourism. That’s not Bali, which I know.

Central Bali is infinitely sweet again. Endless rice terraces and nature. The areas in the east of the island to the Gunung Agung give then again much of the originality of this Eilandes award.

Intuition leads me behind the scenes of loveliness. To round a temple festival held cockfights.

And here are the contrasts that make this island so interesting beyond the beach tourism …