Vietnam, the beach and the surprises

Once again, we go to the sea, or as our guide splendidly says in viet-english: “the biddsch”. And what should be photographically expected there besides the conventional sunset photo-romance? With low expectations comes unexpected often.

On the first evening, a group of fishermen will be caught pulling a net to the beach. This unusual kind of fishing will be shown often in the next few days. Photographically succeed here because of the authenticity of the better pictures. When looking at the catch, the attention is entirely devoted to the fish so that the photographer will not be directly aware of it. A short, lucky moment to be in the right place for the right time.

This area around Phan Thiet has something to offer. It is a canyon, washed out by a small, shallow stream, the fairy stream. Artificially pumped as a tourist attraction, he has charm with his red color in the first morning light. The water lurks around our knuckles lukewarm and the sand is soft. The different colors are beautiful in the early morning. Eye candy before breakfast.

The desert on the front side

The next surprise is a dune landscape in the north of Mui Ne. Although relatively manageable and provided with numerous jubilant sand dune chunks, this area is especially worth visiting for the sunset. Beautiful reduction on forms and structures – and even without people photographed.

Many unknown landscapes and surprises, which let the visitor unknown of what is still hidden in Vietnam. And so, at the end of this journey, a little nostalgia is getting towards to us. But we have the pleasure of the sea.