Etosha Pan, Namibia

So empty, so minimalistic, so calm and so far. The desert of the Etosha Pan is very reduced. No vegetation, no landscape forms. Only one line that separates the white surface of the deep blue sky. As far as reducing crying out for draft. Plus, to take back a few steps. Feeling so small with the width of the grandeur of nature and the flickering of the silhouettes of the animals in the distance.

After more than four years I’m visiting the southern africa again. The first objective is the Etosha Pan of northern Namibia. The attached National Park is one of the animal richest regions of Africa and with outstanding scenery. Just the re-entry to regain the feeling of Africa.

It is noticeable, the feeling was never far away – and is now enriched with the sharpened focus on the essentials. So to speak, africa with asian eyes. Or, the meditation of africa.