Yogyakarta, finally. After a short visit in 2011 I had the feeling to still have missed something.
The flight from Singapore takes you to a completely different world. Loud, chaotic and dirty you welcomed Indonesia with thousands upon thousands of mopeds and motorcycles. The anachronistic pedicabs (becaks) is still existent, but in the dying way. I use the becaks only for historical reasons. Far too easy is the possibility to rent a scooter, which makes you more flexible and independent. And to have way more favorable.
The side effect that you are one more voice in the orchestra of hell noise and air pollution. As in all metropolitan areas – except once Singapore – is highly urban environment here, talk dirty. One has it been like to volunteer to stay in these cities.
I had after the first visit still diffuse, scattered images of historic architecture, of open-minded people, of traditional events and a city that is still looking for their identification in Southeast Asia. These pictures I wanted to deepen.
In the historic architecture this time I have concentrated on the Prambanan, located a temple complex in the east of the city.
The openness of the people are to me very memorable. It’s really incredible here. Besides the fact that everybody wants to have a picture of yourself, a nice curiosity is palpable. Where you sit for almost an hour with Muslims at the roadside and swapping thee out about the different civilizations?
And the traditional events? I was lucky to be at the right time at the right place. It was just about my visit the festival “Traditionel Musik” instead, a nice counterpoint to the tourist “Einheitsramayana”.
I hope the pictures give a glimpse into this Indonesian heart, as I have come to know it.