Probably the most beautiful views in Hong Kong is the view from the Peak, the highest point on Hong Kong Iceland. With a little patience you take the tram after only one and a half hour wait comfortably on this prospect. But has it. A sea of lights to the horizon, reflections on the water and a constant noise from the juggernaut from below. These impressions are so impressive that they bear an own pictures series.

I often return to the “top” back. On the day of the waiting times are significantly reduced and there is excellent walking in the Peak. One evening I find at the output of the Hong Kong University also the footpath upwards. At half past twelve at night then I am all alone at the top. And then returns really a rest.

Another tourist attraction is certainly the nightly held laser show in front of the illuminated skyline. If you go to Tsim Shan Tsui, one has from the waterfront an excellent view of the water on this sea of lights.

And with these impressions I say goodbye for now, the Hong Kong Sessions.