Initially as a trip to the largest seated Buddha (Tian Tan) Asia planned, the islands emerge as the secret favorites from Hong Kong. Here the landscapes and evidence of a Chinese past are still clearly visible. The walks on the islands are among the most beautiful moments in Hong Kong. And so I return again and again to these islands in the course of my stay.

Dipped in the yellow-orange light of the setting sun returns and the Far Eastern mysticism. Whether in the Po Lin Monastery in Ngong Ping at Tiang Tan Buddha or the Wisdom Path (path of wisdom). Whether on Lantau Peak or the Trappist monastery at Discovery Bay. Many memorial plaques as stopping or at least decelerated time.
Only a half-hour ferry ride to Mui Wo or a short transportation by metro to Tung Chung and already is the bustle of the big city far away. The shock of these two different worlds brings you the latest on the pier by Victory Harbour in returning again. Great!