Hongkong, China

First, there is only one way, to escape the bustle and acceleration from Hong Kong. Visiting the temples. And in fact, you will find the peace that is missing on the streets. The noise plays although a rather minor role, but the smoke of incense sticks are not to be despised.

It is the nature of the Chinese, so establish communication with the deceased. Wishes are written down in all shape and then burned. Incense coils burn for weeks and incense are infected in 50-pack. The resulting atmosphere has a single-digit percentage of oxygen. Woozy and absolutely high visitor steps on the road again.

Core of the teaching of Confucianism is actually a sober, modest way with a focus on what is important. In the temples you notice thereof not much. Flowers, fruits and figures of any kind stack up almost. The color scheme is as opulent. Dominated by the rich red and gold colors, there is almost any color in these places. Connected to the Räucherutensilien arises as an opulent picture of each temple.

During my visits I limit myself to the main temple. And even these give me the impression that here with the care of the dead communicate something like a meeting of those still alive. Probably it is also intended as such …