The Early Summer on the Atlantic Coast

I stand on the bridge to the Ile de Re and look at a blue, which holds the view. A depth, a beauty and intensity comes from this sky and you forget for a moment, what you actually do here. All the more beautiful to be able to marvel.

It starts with an idea. Tired of the German winter, we are in search of the first harbingers of the summer. And what is so early in the year? The south of Europe. More precisely: the southwest of France. The French Atlantic coast.

And so we plan a tour south of La Rochelle to Bordeaux. And the closer the week comes, the closer the good weather comes, the closer summer comes.

Summer begins

The first days of summer are days on islands. Ile de Re and Ile d’Oleron welcome us with picturesque fishermen’s houses, blue skies and poppy fields. The splendor of color on these days is overwhelming because of the still clear air. And the leadership of the French Atlantic route terrific. Again and again we return to beaches and are surprised by small villages and bistros. The evening menus are filled with moules avec frites in a variety of variations. And a who-is-who of French white wines.

The path continues through Royan and the bay of the Garonne towards Cap Ferret. Hundreds of kilometers of paved bike paths through fragrant pine forests. Only interrupted by smaller stays on beaches. Again, the graffiti-laden remnants of war impress with their artistic variety from the beach monotony. And challenge the photographer due to the bizarre shape in the midst of perfect nature. We leave Bordeaux still to the left and finally transfer to Cap Ferret by ferry to Arcachon.


And here the summer breaks its spell. The sun drenched city beach, the promenade with the art figures, the intergenerational architecture – Arcachon quickly wins hearts. Coupled with the ease of warm summer evenings, the unsurpassed food culture of this region and the city’s unique location, it’s hard to say goodbye. Only the promise of the further route over Biscarosse can let us move on. And we will not be disappointed – a quick visit to the dune of Pilat and the area will be south. Less trees, more open spaces and the lakes around Biscarosse bear witness to more sun-exposed nature.

We leave the route by the sea and come back to Bordeaux, the end of our journey. Two days in an evening of melange of tourists, locals and students, we flock through the narrow streets of the French metropolis. To state: we have seen, found and smelt in …

… the summer in early form