On my way in southern africa

There are long distances. From the Etosha National Park in the north of Namibia, I drive via Rundu to the Caprivi Strip. After a short interlude in the Mahango Game Reserve, we continue to the extreme north of Namibia, right up to the Zimbabwe border, shortly after the “Gateway to Africa”, as Katima Mulilo calls himself. From there, the trip to the Chobe and then to the Victoria Falls is only a relatively “short” detour. And after about 2,200 km I reach the real destination, the Huangwe National Park in Zimbabwe.

The journey through this part of Africa is characterized by a very good road. It was not extended until after the Angolan Civil War, it runs straight through hundreds of kilometers. The real adventure awaits in Zimbabwe. The crossing of the border and the journey through Zimbabwe resemble a journey into the past. Very old, partly no more driving cars. Areas affected by mining with roads in the appropriate condition. Distances measured in hours. And yet one comes at some point.

There are fewer opportunities to take pictures on the trips. There are different stories about different circumstances, which lead me to the statement: “I have brought more stories than pictures from this journey”.

Nevertheless, the visits to the Chobe Park and the Victoria Falls are marked by impressive photos, as this series of pictures hopefully tells.