Ha Noi, Vietnam

After ten days in Hongkong I’m in the mood for something real, dirty and Southeast Asian. Well, myriads of chinese derecognise the flights to Taiwan, so they crossed my plans and makes it easy for my decision.

I am less than three hours in the city and breathe its rhythm, get lost in the bustle and discover the icons of the city. Hanoi has a different beat compared to Hongkong. Everything is hectic, serious and aimless. The perfect and purposeful functionial beat of Hongkong was yesterday and loses to the charm of this disorder. I speak with people who have an interest in my person and make me laugh. The traffic is omnipresent and I dive into the waves of the motorbikes. The metallic taste of the exhaust gases is familiar and has been missing. Hanoi’s My Beat.

I enjoy every day in this city. In retrospect, the images have an incredible tranquility. Hanoi is anything, but not tranquil – but I had the time for photographing and this is ultimately reflected in these pictures again.

A day trip to the dry Halong Bay south of Hanoi gets me a short taste of this country. It seemed almost as if I had a deja vu with my ideas of Southeast Asia. And let me getting back, as soon I get the possibility. Until then I’am enjoying (and hopefully you, too) these pictures. And to be back in life …