Mullervalley, Luxemburg

Woods, beautiful

A wooden love declaration

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natural line

Wet, mature leaves. All over. We trudge through countless evidence of an advanced autumn. It is still cool, the day promises the warmth of the sun for the afternoon. In this somewhat early hour, the damp morning fog has the forest still under control. Haze swirling through the trees. Our eyes are always on the ground, but it is not to let the slippery leaves, the moist surface and the protruding root win. And to keep the balance.

The few colors are determined by yellow, green and wilted brown. More and more often, light breaks through the remaining canopy and redeems the forest from its colorlessness. And with the colors also the fog loses. Until your breath also loses its fog. And the situation its mysticism. The first echoes of the cool, damp autumn morning are lost and give way to the sun’s rays. It has become day.

forest landscapes

A hike in the Luxembourgish Muller Valley simply includes the philosophy and esotericism of the morning sensual pleasures. Too early the incipient heat and the accompanying draining of the forest breaks into the phalanx of its mysticism. But even the advanced lesson leaves no boredom here.

In addition, this area is simply too breathtaking. Meter-high rock towers have formed labyrinths through which well-fed Western Europeans squeeze through. Names such as Wolfsschlucht and Räuberhöhle do not bear their name in vain. The canopy is still too dense and lets light through only in rays. You think you are in the middle of a kaleidoscope.

Breathless back

The photographer feels like a puppy. Constantly changing sensory impressions, motifs and new twists in the play of light. You almost want to drive with the muzzle through the Blätterwust.

And every minute changes in lighting moods. Mysticism disappears and leaves room for clear relationships. After all, only memories and (of course) photographs remain. And a certain breathlessness, which is not due to restlessness or speed.

Mullervalley, Luxemburg

Woods, beautiful

A wooden love declaration

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