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published 15. Mar. 2015 | categories asia - photography - singapore

A huge shopping center. First I fight my way through countless malls. At the end I see the Singapore known from glossy brochures. The area around the port is the expected mixture of money, opulence and wealth. The Marina Bay Sands separates the port from the amusement park Gardens by the Bay. Rays of light brighten the already lightflooded evening sky.

Tradition districts like Chinatown or Little India seem to lose the battle for lucrative building sites gradually and increasingly eroded. So Singapore loses some extent exotic. For yet it seems as if time stood still in the temples. And also the peaceful coexistence of religions (Hindu main temple Sri Mariamman Temple and the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple are located side by side in Chinatown), is given.

Therefore, Singapore leaves a peaceful, safe and clean impression to the visitors. And, as if something is missing …

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